Our Mission




Supporting women, (especially those affected by a loved one's incarceration) to release their past; to redeem the present, and be restored to an enlightened future.




We, Ruth Experience are a dynamic group of women, of all ages, from every background, with a yearning in our hearts to reach out to women in our community. We are dedicated to serving those women that have been impacted by a loved one's incarceration.


It is our desire to provide a safe environment where our sisters can have a voice, be heard, and not judged. We share our stories, our hurts and our pains in the hope that others will be empowered. We have learned that we all have stories that we hide deep inside, but when the truth has been given an opportunity to be told, an amazing transformation occurs. The parts of us that held our biggest fears no longer has power over us and we become free.


Using the concepts gleaned from the book of Ruth in the Bible we learn to love, to share, to support, to trust and to help each other persevere through life’s past and present situations.


Ruth Experience, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization.